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Avant Garde Programme I

A celebration of sound, color and the materiality of film and image. A single take of a street scene becomes a revolutionary challenge to media in Patrick Tarrant's The Take Up. Color and sound dance together in unexpected rhythms in Optical Sound (Stephen Irwin) and enter a fugue with found footage as Picture Particles (Thorsten Fleisch) follows. Alexandre Larose's Brouillard – Passage#14 takes us from abstraction to impressionism with its rich layers of imagery, while Basma Alsharit's Deep Sleep takes us through ruins to Gaza on a voyage framed by sleep waves. Impressionism meets pixelation in T Marie's Panchrome I,II,III. And the moon itself dances the finale in Malena Szlam's Lunar Almanac. Total: 72min

Avant Garde Programme I - Picture Particles, Deep Sleep & Lunar Almanac
Strobe light effect during screening


Various · 2014 · 72 mins
35mm / DCP / HD Digital


Mar 30   5:30 PM

Hong Kong Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!


Mar 27   7:30 PM

Hong Kong Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!