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Paul Clipson Programme I

Clipson takes the "symphony of a city" into the new millennium in SPHINX on the Seine and the melting lights of Rotterdam, San Francisco and New York in CHORUS. The programme shifts from city to nature with the chiaroscuro dance of UNION and the explosions of growth, light and sound in LIGHT FROM THE MESA, with its score by Barn Owl. Finally, the five movements of COMPOUND EYES NOS. 1-5, a magical menagerie, ask us to see the world with and like other beings – whether refracted through the vision of myriad insects or drifting in an aqueous world with the fishes. Total: 64min.

Paul Clipson

USA · 2008-2011 · 64 mins
Super 8mm


Apr 03   5:15 PM

Hong Kong Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!


Apr 06   1:00 PM

Hong Kong Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!